A K Dolven bring me back

Anne Katrine Dolven (born 1953) is one of Norway’s most widely known artists internationally. She lives in London and the Lofoten Islands, and her paintings, video works, films and photographs have been displayed not only in important European galleries of latest contemporary art but also in leading museums and art hall venues in different parts of the world.

Dolven chooses her medium in accordance with the questions that engender the work and the answers that they call for. For works requiring a figure she chooses film, video or the photograph, while paintings are better suited to addressing abstract questions.

The narrative element of Dolven’s videos is mostly scant: an individual, visually strong, repeated or continuing event, with an emotional charge that can be humorous, erotic, dramatic or reflective – or all of these at the same time. Although there is no “need” to view her works from beginning to end, the more time they are given, the deeper the viewing experience will be and the greater the number of possible interpretations that will emerge. The works may also contain art-historical references, which, however, do not necessarily have to be recognized in order to understand the works.

In the present exhibition Dolven displays two photographs: Girls’ Room, in which an old woman is fleeing reality into the protected world of her childhood, and Arthur’s Room, which is a portrait of a man although he is not seen in the picture. She also presents a video work of three projections in which a young woman is carried headfirst through a city in the morning. This, too, is a kind of return to the state of childhood; other people are taking one where they choose and the hurried morning passers-by pay no attention. Here, as often in Dolven’s works, there is a kind of an inexplicable surrealistic mood, while the group carrying the girl ma, in its composition bring to mind, for example, The Raft of the Medusa by Géricault.

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