dear friends, if in Berlin, don´t miss a somewhat different exhibition and location
in an old greenhouse in Gotlindestrasse 44, 10365 Berlin-Lichtenberg
(U5 Magdalenenstrasse + a bit of walking)

opening saturday 20th of october from 4pm

Janine Sack/Lars Jordan/Jakob Jensen/Robert Abts/Johanna Domke/Judith Raum/
Tarje Gullakson/Karen Koltermann/Atelier Havelblick/Nina Döge/Lutz-Rainer Müller/
Tommy Støckel/Antonia Low/Franziska Hufnagel/Sofia Hultén/Matthias Thelen

organised by Anke Westermann and Ludger Drunkemühle

this is the 4th and last opening in the projekt, and some of the works from the other three are still on display, so there is a lot to see!

best Jakob Jensen

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