Trine Søndergaard, Nikolaj Howalt, Johnny Jensen, Kine Ravn, Nan Na Hvass og Signe Vad

Møstings Hus, Andebakkesti 5, 2000 Frederiksberg

4. august – 2. september 2007. Tirs.-søn. Kl. 11-16

Fernisering fredag 3. august 2007 kl. 16-18



For the past ten years, Toronto artist Lisa Klapstock has investigated visual perception and the role of the camera in affecting and challenging the way we see and experience our surroundings.

Depiction is a photographic series that uses depth-of-field to investigate the fragmented nature of human vision and the artifice of pictorial construction. These panoramic photographs of domestic gardens and house facades were shot with a single stationery camera that captured multiple views of the same space broken down into shallow focal layers, from the immediate foreground to infinity. These layers were then composited digitally into a single continuous picture in which the foreground, mid-ground and background appear together as components of a single image, but are clearly different layers of the same pictorial field. Elements of the picture move in and out of focus, revealing its composite layers and reflecting the way that we see. As the eye moves over the image, the pictorial field opens up, revealing its spatial depth. The Depiction images represent both a composition and a deconstruction.

Depiction refers to the artifice of constructing a picture. The camera has the capacity to render images with a large depth-of-field, in which the foreground, mid-ground and background are simultaneously in focus. Paintings display this same condition. The human eye, however, does not see like this, as it has a limited depth of focus and is constantly in motion. This series simulates the way the human eye sees, moving over and through a space, pausing to focus on one fragment/thing at a time, rapidly framing and re-framing a scene, unconsciously constructing a complete picture from multiple views. The photographs elongate time, slowing down the eyes’ movement and making us conscious of the way that we see.

Lisa Klapstock is a lens-based artist living in Toronto. She holds a Communications
degree from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. With a focus on everyday places and
their human occupation, Klapstock’s practice investigates mechanisms of seeing and the
role of the camera in affecting and challenging the way we view and experience our
surroundings. Her photographs and videos explore the liminal zone between abstraction
and realism, revealing the complex relationship between photographic depiction and
visual perception. Early work examined the hidden environment of Toronto’s urban
laneways, drawing attention to the fragile and mutable interface separating public and
private realms. Recent subject matter ranges from private gardens to both man-made
and natural landscapes to populated tourist sites.

Senko Studio
Sct. Mathiasgade 35D
Signe Vad (DK)
18.08 – 9.09.2007

Galleri Signe Vad
Nansensgade 47
DK-1366 København K
tlf: +45 20730567
åbent onsdag og fredag 16-18 og lørdag 13-15

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