“Waste Not” Projects 90:Song Dong

“Waste Not” Projects 90:Song Dong

Beijing-based artist Song Dong (b.1996) presents his very first solo exhibition in the U.S. “Projects 90: Song Dong” at The Museum of Modern Art, New York. The installation work “Waste Not”, which was first exhibited at Tokyo Gallery + BTAP (Beijing) in 2005 under the curation of Wu Hung, will now be presented at MoMA in full-scale from 24 June, 2009 through 7 September, 2009.

The large scale installation work “Waste Not” was first presented in 2005, and has since been awarded The Golden Prize at the Grangju Biennale, traveled to Berlin and Walsall, and is now scheduled to be exhibited in Vancouver and California following the MoMA show. Through this project, which has received worldwide acclaim, the artist raises the private topic of a deepening relationship with his mother after his father’s death, while evoking the phenomenon of modern Chinese society. Tokyo Gallery + BTAP has continued to support and promote Song Dong and his project to a wide international audience, ever since it opened its branch in Beijing (2002). We are very pleased for “Waste Not” to be presented at MoMA, and hope you have an opportunity to stop by to experience.


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