The exhibition ’A Womans touch’ is a collaboration between the art group Bank & Rau and the
textile designer Stine Skytte Østergaard.
Bank & Rau see people as figures under a constant transformation. The art group is fascinated
by the signals of the object. How the life of modern people reflects in the objects that they are
surrounded by. How the objects reflects themselves in modern people. The art works of Stine
Skytte Østergaard are playful and ironic, and the story telling is the main factor. Her artwork
always has a sharp comment to society.

In the exhibition the textiles of Østergaard are united with the pictures of Bank & Rau in a total installation. It tells the story of the female nature and the disappearing of the home. The title is picked up from the musical ”Calamity Jane” from 1953, where Doris Day plays the role of the strong woman Calamity. In the scene ”A Woman’s Touch” she learns of the woman’s magic
ability to transform a trashed home into a warm and loving environment.
The collaboration between Stine Skytte Østergaard and Bank & Rau started, when they met in
the summer 2007, where Stine Skytte Østergaard was contributing to the outdoor furniture at
Karriere Bar in Copenhagen. Together they made a blanket that became part of the expression
of the tables and benches.

The art group Bank & Rau has worked together since 1999 and contains of Lone Bank and
Tanja Rau, who both are educated from The Royal Danish Art Academy. Stine Skytte
Østergaard is educated textile designer from the design school in Kolding in 1999.
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