Know Hope – There Is Nothing Dear (There Is Too Much Dear)

Know Hope – There Is Nothing Dear (There Is Too Much Dear)

Show & Tell Gallery is pleased to welcome the Israeli artist known as Know Hope to his first solo exhibition in Canada.

Know Hope is best known for his street art, in which he depicts characters through several different story lines. The predominant theme within his work is the need for momentary connection in daily reality. Or, in other words, the everyday human struggle.

This exhibition examines the idea of the collective memory in comparison to the personal memory. Through the growing but steady vocabulary of imagery in his work, Know Hope attempts to research how and why we tend to hang on to memory, despite it having an inevitable ephemeral nature.

Know Hope has exhibited his art interenationally in galleries, art fairs, and on the streets of cities such as Los Angeles, New York, London, Vienna, Rome, Toronto, and Tel Aviv.

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Dan Bergeron aka fauxreel


Show & Tell Gallery is pleased to welcome Dan Bergeron (also known as fauxreel) to his first solo exhibition with the gallery. Bergeron is best known for his subversive and thought-provoking public street installations.

His most recent body of work, Faces of the City, juxtaposes the abrasive charm of the distressed surfaces of modern cities with the intimate familiarity of the human face. As the walls and surfaces of the city define its physical character and spatial identity, the faces of its inhabitants provide the city with its personality, disposition and magnetism. His fusion of the two explores the idea that beauty truly lies in the scars, wrinkles and blemishes of places we live and people we meet.

Faces of the City will feature original photo-based, mixed media assemblages as well as a selection of editioned photo prints featuring the artist’s street installations.

Bergeron’s work has been displayed in institutions such as the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art. His public installations can be found in alleys, boroughs, arrondissements, and on high streets in Toronto, New York, Paris and London.

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