Joe BRADLEY: “Eat at Joe’s”


Javier Peres is pleased to present “Eat at Joe’s”, the second solo show by Joe Bradley at Peres Projects Berlin.
Painting is a lot like fishing. Stick your brush in the water and wait. Hope for something big (or at least funny looking…) Read the paper. Eat a sandwich. Think about painting. Call Baselitz (no answer.) Read “Hunger”. Crossword puzzle. Whistle. Paint. Curse God. Go home.
The paintings in “Eat at Joe’s” were created in this fashion. I think of them as a cast of characters. Like a bunch of jerks in a police line-up. Or a life boat. The Butcher, the Nun, the Sailor, Chocolate George, Freddy the Fag. These are my people. I imagine them all drunk in a bar. There is a player piano playing and peanut shells all over the place.The Sailor has his face in bowl of spaghetti. The Nun plays solitaire while being felt up by The Indian Chief. Larry is high on speed and mopping the floor. In comes “Beauty” Mark. The Actor makes eyes at Nice Mike. There is a man in the corner with a mohawk, an Abe Lincoln beard, eyepatch, Hitler’s moustache, big black teeth. They call him “The Man Who Has Everything…”

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