Banging our Beak Against the Bark


Stour Space is beginning its Exhibitions programme by inviting a collaboration between two curators and two artists:
‘Banging our Beak Against the Bark’ is the presentation of a work by curators Kobetsvasey and the artists George Young and Maria Zahle.

About the Exhibition:
The show involves five people with different roles: two artist curators, two invited artists, and the host of the space. The exhibition is based on a speculative premise and will adapt in response to conversations between the invited artists and Kobetsvasey.

The original premise was to make a work involving sound. None of the artists in the show have previously worked with sound or with each other, so this is an opportunity for the artists to experiment with a new form. The exhibition is a testing ground to explore our individual working methodologies.

The floor and the ceiling have defined our initial responses. The architectural elements in relation to repetitive rhythms in music have provided a starting point. The project will be defined by discussions, ideas of collaboration, and a relationship to the space.


Stour Space