Book signing Monochrome by Trine Søndergaard 17 December 2009


Published by HATJE CANTZ

For her latest series, Danish photographer Trine Søndergaard (*1972) has created portraits of individual people — not, in black-and-white or color, but monochrome. This color scheme continues onto the hand-painted frames surrounding the pictures.
None of the portraits are the same color: each one has its own, special hue. Unlike other, more conventional portraits, the viewer learns nothing from these pictures about the identities of the people depicted; they remain anonymous. Sometimes portraied from behind, and sometimes from the side, the subjects never looks direct at the viewer. Søndergaard is primarily interested in capturing a particular state of mind, an introspection reflected in small, subtle movements. In the process, she continually questions the notions of individuality and universality.

Martin Asbæk