Michael Swaney – Ding Dong



One thought on “Michael Swaney – Ding Dong

  1. Good Afternoon Michael,

    I’m still really interested in getting you involved as a contributor to http://www.chorusandecho.com as I really love your blog, but never received any response from my last email to you?

    Would you please let me know whether you have any interest in working with us, or of course if you are not interested, just reply to this and I will leave you alone.

    The launch of Chorus+Echo has gone really well and is now 2 weeks old. There’s still a lot of changes to be made, both technically and visually, with the next version of the site (which will be a real upgrade) planned to be released in 3 to 4 weeks time. Most importantly for us, the content has been received really well with our audience coming to the site from across the World and in the kind of numbers we had hoped for.

    Please check out the website, remembering we’re just beginning and this isn’t the finished article… then let us know what you think, be great to have you on board and if you have any more questions just drop me a line.

    All the best,

    Jean-Robert and Luc

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