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  1. Great post I love it, reminds me of a company called Graffiti Kings run by graffiti artist Darren Cullen called Ser from London in the United Kingdom, they are really good professional graffiti artists for hire/commission who have worked with artists like Banksy. Their graffiti wallpaper effect really strikes me as very original, I know many people who would want some hand painted graffiti wallpaper in their kids bedroom or frontroom, go take a look http://www.graffitikings.co.uk/ or if they don’t float your boat take a look at http://www.graffiti-artist-agency.co.uk/ the UKs best graffiti artist agency

  2. Oke nu orkede jeg ikke lige at gå længere tilbage i dine blogs =) I en PiratTV video snakker du om 4 fabrikker hvor man i København kan se Graffiti, nu er jeg selv en af dem der ser det meste graffiti på gaden som noget jeg reelt ikke har lyst til at se på.
    Men når de er plads og tid til at folk vil lave noget ordentligt så vil jeg gerne, så hvor i København er det det sker?
    Har selv en ven i Barcelona der er rimelig dygtig maler og overvejer at skrive en opgave om noget i København, så send mig afsted!
    Tak :=)

  3. You have to love and respect the art work that is produced in New York. Good stuff. I’m from London England and needed to hire an artist for a team building graffiti workshop. After a lot of research I realised that the best guys for the job were from the Graffiti Life Company. They took care of every detail of the lesson / masterclass in street art and made it into a real event. Cant recommend these artists enough. find their work at http://www.graffitilife.co.uk and http://www.graffitizone.co.uk
    they cover the whole country – Manchester, Bristol and Leeds etc

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