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Bought this piece to day, each day the work will get more tape on it.

Graham Hudson is based in Los Angeles until summer 2007.
Recent projects have included two months in Nairobi Kenya with Triangle arts trust, and six months in ‘residence’ on the Parade Ground of Chelsea College of Art and Design next to Tate Britain.
Hudson’s practice involves a variety of mediums and an ever-evolving array of materials, treading a line between sculpture and installation, his work evolves in response to places and events. Addressing subjects including political and religious ideology, advertising, media, and the nature of the art object, his concerns range from the moral and social, to the aesthetic and the common-place.
His work has the recurring theme of juxtaposition, where the apparent and implied symbolism of his objects is often contradicted and undermined by the methods and materials of their construction. Materials include discarded furniture, pound store plastics, home and garden decor, turntables, fans, bin bags, lighting, and a lot of screws, cable ties and a varitey of tapes.

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